Blog On!

Every day, right after I click on the small, blue “Publish” button on my WordPress dashboard, I think “What have I done? How do I possibly think anyone would want to read this?” and the self-doubt continues. And then, as I push the thought aside, close the program and concentrate on the rest of the day, I forget until I get an amazing comment or email from one of you. And in those comments and emails is my answer. Because you inspire and encourage; challenge and argue; read and share….and so I know that it’s worth all the time, the energy, and the self-doubt.

So thank you! As my sister-in-law recently said to me “Blog on”… so I will. Have a great Saturday!

Blog on Marilyn! Blog on!

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14 thoughts on “Blog On!

  1. I read, I ponder, I share (your thoughts occasionally with others), I brag (that I one know you-albeit as a youngsters before you became the person you now are), I silently said, “bienvenue chez mois” (as we say in French to welcome you to my part of the country in the great Pacific Northwest), I laughed (as you identified a salmon as a trout at Pike Place Market), I sulked (for a whole day after your post about leaving Pakistan–too many and close to home emotions were evoked in me), I wonder (what my disarrayed piled up books and magazines say of me to others as your coffee table clutter says of you), I admire and respect (your discipline and courage to be so organized as to be able to blog with all of your many life responsibilities), You challenge and inspire me Marilyn…BLOG ON I say, BLOG ON!!!


    1. Al – words are not adequate for how I felt as I read this – so I won’t try to use them. Just know that it hit at a deep level and I am infinitely grateful~ with great thanks I will “blog on”.


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