Versatile Blogging and HUGs

In the past couple weeks a couple of bloggers have nominated me for some blog awards. I am grateful for their affirmation and support. Amira who hails from the Maldives, a country I’ve long been fascinated with, and blogs at Mindblur nominated me for the Hope Unites Globally or HUG Award. Averil at The Cook, The Baker and The Clay Boy Maker nominated me for the Versatile blogger award.

In response I am to nominate others and tell some things about myself. Writing blog posts isn’t difficult but divulging a list of things seems like it will be thoroughly uninteresting. But here goes! If you’d like to hear the stories behind anything in the list please let me know in the comment section and expect a future blog post!

  1. I tasted my first strawberry in Afghanistan
  2. I will be 58 years old before I’ve spent as much time in the United States as I have overseas
  3. I have 5 kids born on 3 continents – 2 born at a hospital overlooking the Nile River.
  4. I love tea and scones, particularly if they are at a delightful tea shop in London
  5. My favorite possession is my passport and I wish to be buried with it.
  6. My faith is paramount to my existence – in it I live and breathe and have my being.
  7. My daughter-in-law was an extra in the movie Public Enemies.
  8. I will never vote along party lines in the United States, unwilling to be put into a political box I prefer to vote as an independent.
  9. If I write a book about parenting I will name it “My Son Mooned Karl Rove (and other parenting stories) and that, my friends, is the truth!
  10. Every day I get surprised that people read my blog, comment thoughtfully and send emails. It is a gift.

And the Nomination for the Hope Unites Globally Award is: The 365 From the Archive – Mimo is a thoughtful photographer from Lebanon with pictures that you want to sink into and thoughtful commentary on those pictures. Take a look at her work – you won’t be disappointed.

Nominations for the Versatile Blogger Award are:

  1. Slowing the Racing Mind – Stacy is my kindred spirit blogger. She blogs the way I do and in a single week will take you from a social commentary, to a spiritual passion, to a recipe or restaurant.
  2. Catholic Dialogue – Isabella blogs at Catholic Dialogue and though I am not Catholic, her wisdom and ability to articulate truth is a joy.
  3. Day by Day the Farm Girl Way – Little Sun Dog lives a vastly different life than I do in wide open spaces, adopting deer and reveling in the peace of a farm. Her photographs and descriptions of that life are lovely.
  4. Give Me Stories – Little Navy Fish is an undergraduate in the U.K. and gives me great book reviews with a fun dose of opinion.
  5. Little Explorer’s Blog – Little Explorer grew up between worlds, just as I did, and so it was a quick connection. She blogs about traveling, meeting people, and being curious about life in general.
  6. Sachikorose – Stephanie is like family. She is a Third Culture Kid, my sister-in-law’s niece and a global nomad.
  7. Cross Cultural Insights – Eleniloporto has lived all over the world and has a similar perspective. She blogs from a multicultural, global perspective.

17 thoughts on “Versatile Blogging and HUGs

  1. Marilyn, thank you so much for awarding me and for sharing the delightful list about yourself that I really enjoyed reading. I love what you say about your passport and I totally understand :)
    Wonderful to meet another citizen of the world here in blog world! I look forward to reading more and more of your work!


  2. Hi Marilyn! I`m adding my vote to Petra`s for a Communicating Across Boundaries book. Your blog inspires and energizes me. I look forward to the daily read in my inbox. Congrats on the nominations. And, thank you so much for thinking of me in return. Here`s to all the Friendships Across Boundaries formed in this wonderful blogosphere! :-)


  3. Thank you so much Marylin for your support and for including me in your list of awards! I wish I could dedicate more time to the blogosphere – it’s full of amazing people and amazing stories! Thank you, again and congratulations on your own awards! x


    1. I’m right with you – working full time I have little time to read others and am way behind on nominating you but believe me – your award is well-deserved. I look forward to seeing you on Freshly Pressed some day. Also with your great pictures and world of adventure think about submitting to Bucket List Publications. Tell Leslie I sent you over. Would love to see one of your posts there!


    1. She is a great blogger! And yes…the clotted cream with scones? There is this amazing place in Kensington right up from the palace that serves pots of tea and scones with clotted cream. To. Die. For. So plan your trip with your very own “MLB!”


  4. oh and just wanted to let you know that my husband is really appreciating your brother’s books her got. He told me this morning that he is a very articulate writer and is the best he has read on the subjects.


  5. Marilyn,

    I am new to the blogging world and really, our blogs are night and day and though I don’t comment often, please know how wonderful I think you are and often, I learn so many things which I pass along to my Husband ( he often knows right away what you are talking about, lol). How I found you, was someone stumbled onto my blog ( not sure how) and I found your blog and I have been fascinated ever since. Even though we we don’t blog (in the same circles, lol) I have so enjoyed reading your words and I am glad I found you!

    So congrats to you and thank you for being in my inbox every day and I am hoping, now that I am will be un-employed soon ( long story and a good thing, at least for a short while, we are hoping they can figure out my medical issues and I will be able to do more blogging myself. You do give me much inspiration, even if, my little ( let me help you try and loose weight with an injury ) is not as ‘ deep thinking’ as some of what you write of, I still try and help in some small way! Again, I have really enjoyed all I have read and learned SO much! :)

    Ever so sincerely!!!!



    1. I cannot tell you how much I appreciated this comment. This will be short right now because of limited time but please know that you made my day! Thank you!

      Marilyn Gardner Sent from my iPhone


    2. So – more time now and more computer connection. As I said last night – I was so happy to get this comment. There are those days when I think “Now why do I do this??” only to get a comment like this and be incredibly grateful. Great that you pass things along to your husband and he knows where my mind is! Love that. So thinking about you in this journey of your life. It sounds like you have an amazing resilience and spirit. Here’s to blogging through these days for both of us.


      1. Thank you Marilyn,

        You have truly touched me, here’s from my heart to yours! I am glad to have found you! :)

        And yes, two forever’s and a lifetime wouldn’t be enough with my Husband, he is my soul!

        May God Bless and keep you! I am glad we are walking this journey together, I love reading all about yours!

        Take care,


  6. Marilyn, first and foremost congratulations to your award. You deserve it. Nevertheless, I am still convinced you should write a book.
    I can relate to the following points:
    5. My favorite possession is my passport and I wish to be buried with it.
    6. My faith is paramount to my existence – in it I live and breathe and have my being.

    I would love to hear more about these points:
    8. I will never vote along party lines in the United States, unwilling to be put into a political box I prefer to vote as an independent.
    9. If I write a book about parenting I will name it “My Son Mooned Karl Rove (and other parenting stories) and that, my friends, is the truth!

    I also loved your blog about your “personal love story”.


  7. I tasted my first strawberry in Sydney Australia – and I hated it.
    I tasted it again in Perth, Australia and I couldn’t stop myself :)

    I like you point number 5.
    I never thought about that before – but I guess it’s my most valuable possession too.
    the gate pass to the world :)

    nice post. I enjoyed your list. all of it.
    5 kids!!!! WOW!!! hats off to you – I’m sure you are wonderful mom :)

    I actually stopped passing you more awards – thought you were among those who are not too savvy to silly stuff like blog awards ;)


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