Farewell and Be Kind!

When I’m looking for it I see grace everywhere. Last week through a photograph  posted by a niece I was given the glorious grace of a challenge to be kind. It was a good week to be reminded that people and relationships are far more valuable than ideologies and ideas. As we end out this week in a world that can often feel short on kindness, may you carry this picture with you!

courtesy of lovely Ruth Anne Burke

Be kind, for everyone you meet is fighting a hard battle~ John Watson

7 thoughts on “Farewell and Be Kind!

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  2. when our kids were growing up, i used to send them out the door in the morning with one of two farewells:

    “study hard and make us proud of you!” (they knew i was joking…)
    “find someone to be kind to today!”

    it helped me remember too.


    1. Good morning to you! I am in your time zone today! I have been in Seattle doing work since Wednesday night. Wish being in the same time zone meant we were in the same city!


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