“I’ll Miss It!” or “Good Riddance!”

In the sidebar of the CNN website is a small box with a “Quick Vote” heading. It is a poll asking readers how they feel about 2011 ending. The choices are:

  1. I’ll miss it or
  2. Good riddance!

An overwhelming majority (85%) voted “Good Riddance”. Apparently 2012 is not a year that is favored among CNN readers.  Like any statistic this has many variables that could be discussed in detail to determine reasons why the vote went overwhelmingly toward those who happily close the door on 2011. I heard once that statistics are like bikinis: What they reveal is interesting and what they conceal is significant.

So what about you? Is 2011 a year that brings back fond memories of people, places and activities? Is it a year that brought job loss, hurting children or the death of people you love? Is it a year that you want to wrap tightly in Saran wrap so you don’t have to look at everything it held? Did you slam the door last night and say good riddance, or wistfully sip champagne and say “I’ll miss you!”?

For me it was a good year. The things that affected us significantly were an Egyptian uprising affecting our oldest; a trip to the United Kingdom and participation in the wedding of a friend; a daughter’s return from Italy and Turkey;a son’s wedding; two more family weddings; a job loss; a job gain; and finally a trip to Egypt where we witnessed first hand Tahrir Square and celebrated the Holy Nativity with four of our five children. And in between the semicolons were smiles, tears, anger, sleepless nights, joy, “shouts of pleasure and whispers of pain”, blogging, and a greater understanding of the mystery of grace.

How about you? Is it “Good Riddance” or “I’ll miss it” and why? Weigh in through the comments! Would love to hear from you and Happy New Year!


13 thoughts on ““I’ll Miss It!” or “Good Riddance!”

  1. I think of 2011 with nostalgia, it was a long struggle involved and for my husband it was a really bad time at work. Most of 2011 for me was the struggle to send my younger one to study, It was like clambering up a slippery mountain for every foothold I gained I slipped back down three but at the end of it I got there. Yet for all that I am grateful for everything.
    The highlight was of course the summer trip with my girls to Europe. Something looked forward to for a long time. The smoothness of each unplanned day in a place where I neither knew anything nor spoke the various languages, brought the Grace of God before me for every single moment. Two stories in the mail.
    The struggle for the visa between the first visit and the next was a time of hope and prayers like I have rarely known. The struggle is following us to the next year she grapples with her studies.
    One thing I know is that every moment whether of ease or hardship was a moment of Grace. The hardship taught me so much and made me tougher, also made me look for alternatives and taught me much. I am grateful for all that I learnt and achieved.
    Of course one of life’s defining moments was finding you and this blog which has led to much personal soul searching, reflection and spiritual growth.


    1. Just wanted to add this, We had a layover in Istanbul for 6 hours this enabled us to visit the city for three hours, I chose to go to Blue Mosque, A place I was longing to see for years yet had not expected to see on that trip, It was while admiring the beauty of the mosque that I started crying as the Grace of God struck me with such force. At the most unexpected times He gifts us with the most unexpected and longed for gifts. SubhanAllah


    2. There is a lot between your semicolons as well Pari! I know that feeling of slipping back three steps for every foothold gained. Your description of the grace of God given to you daily in your interactions is one of the things I love about being in an unfamiliar place, where I can’t rely on my common sense, my knowledge or my comfort, but where I daily need grace to make it through. I am more and more affected by the book One Thousand Gifts which is a challenge to give thanks in everything. As I type that it sounds trite but is anything but as I grapple with it. Thanks for sharing some of your story. Thanks also for the deep affirmation for my continuing to blog. Your voice is an important piece of the dialogue in this blog – thank you for sharing it.


  2. I echo Dave’s insightful comment. Each year is a year in the Lord. May our Father bless 2012 as he blessed all prior years. Wishing all who read Marilyn’s thought-provoking as well as entertaining and educational blogs an amazing 2012.


  3. 2011 will always be the year that I first became a mother so it will always be a year I will treasure. I must also tell you how life-giving and refreshing your blog has been over the last year as we have navigated our new roles of mom and dad. There have been so many posts that I have stored in away in my mental filing cabinet to be used in later years as our little one (and future littles too!) grow and new seasons challenges arises. Thank you for your open, raw, and real insights into life, We miss you guys so much! -Tina :)


    1. Tina – thank you so much for this affirmation! The missing is so mutual. We just sat down after our trip and opened up mail to find the beautiful picture of you, Erik and your little man! Amazing and so beautiful. My guess is you already have your own insights into loving and parenting and those insights will only grow through the years! Thanks for reading and this comment more than you know.


  4. While unpleasant things may happen in any given year, the lessons learned, or the roads to new things begun aren’t always known. So for me, to say good riddance to any year, is to speak in ignorance!


    1. Well said Dave! While undoubtedly some years can be more difficult, there’s wisdom in the looking back even as there are some inevitable “Why this?” in the moment. Thanks for your wisdom! Happy New Year!


  5. I’ll post what I did on my status: “2011 is HISTORY. 2012 is a MYSTERY. TODAY is a GIFT; that’s why we call it the PRESENT.” (Adapted) May you experience many “TODAYS” with anticipation and JOY.


    1. My cousin Judi has already borrowed your status for her facebook status! Thank you for this comment! I am currently reading One Thousand Gifts and the challenge of giving thanks is mind boggling. Part of giving thanks is living in the moment — thanks for the reminder.


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