The Book Giveaway!

If you’re just tuning in this week then you aren’t yet aware of the book giveaway in celebration of a year of blogging!

Here are the rules:

  1. Comment on this post giving the title of your favorite post, perhaps a reason why it’s a favorite and suggestions for future posts…..or
  2. Invite someone to read Communicating Across Boundaries who you think would enjoy the blog.  Make sure they comment and let me know that you recommended the blog. If you choose this way to participate,here are some of the choices that readers have picked as their favorite posts:

A New Kind of Mommy Blog  – picked by Christi-Lynn Martin

Hookah Hypocrisy – picked by Cary Schulte

The Benediction – Picked by Wilma Brown

Chocolate Jesus – picked by Petra Riggins

Angels from the Rooftop – picked by Tiffany Kim

I will put the names of those who take part into a hat and randomly select three. Those three people will have their choice of one of the books I love and have talked about on this blog.

Here are the books you can choose from:

You have until Tuesday, December 20th to participate. I’ll send out a couple of reminders as a way to tell you how much I want you to take part!

8 thoughts on “The Book Giveaway!

  1. Marilyn, I love to read your blog! You have a gifted mind and from that words flow, both spoken and written, reflecting the breadth and depth of your interests. You have a passionate heart and desire to motivate others to think and act to change our world and our own hearts. Your own stories are highlights, but there is the ability to help us enter other stories as well. With that as a reason I would vote for “Dull women have immaculate coffee tables”. :) You quickly draw us in to your world of entering other worlds. I love to be in your living room with your big coffee table Congratulations!!


  2. Crazy busy week coming, but I’ll see what I can do. Meanwhile, for potential winners considering a book choice, I very highly recommend your mom’s *Jars of Clay*. It was a treat for me to put in contexta lot of the disparate pieces I knew about some of my ‘missionary relatives’ (one thing I already knew long ago… was that we loved it when they showed up… and they never were able to do so enough!)

    Actually, I also had a chance to share the book with a friend at the end of a furlough and headed back to South Sudan — her oldest daughter was headed off to boarding school there for the first time and she was wrestling through it. Glad to report the book was a great help to her.


    1. Very cool to hear your recommendation of Jars of Clay. Especially as it comes from someone who wasn’t in Pakistan with us so an outside perspective. And also glad that you shared it. I have been rereading slowly and am still amazed by some of the stories. Thank you for this wonderful encouragement. I’m hoping my mom reads this comment!


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