God of the Details

After a freak early snow storm that caused enormous damage in parts of the Commonwealth of Massachusetts, we are back to enjoying spring-like, balmy weather. It was in this weather, walking along brick pavement and watching a squirrel toy with an acorn and a leaf, that I was overcome with the God of the details.

Maybe it’s because I have traveled and moved so much, maybe it’s because my life has been anything but predictable, but all these details add up to a miraculous expression of love and grace.

The reimbursement check right when you thought you wouldn’t have enough money to pay the electric bill.

Creation – from the tiniest bud to the largest Red Wood tree – full of details that matter.

A visa, giving you permission to enter a country, minutes before you were to board a plane.

The free ticket to the United States when you were so homesick you thought you couldn’t bear it.

The unexpected message from an acquaintance saying she had a job for you when you had given up getting a job you wanted.

The phone call with news that you got the job on the day your unemployment benefits were to run out.

There are so many deeper things that can’t be shared for fear they’ll lose their mystery and power. I think of Mary, mother of Jesus, who “pondered all these things in her heart”. She pondered all the details. The words spoken and the little things that happened as she raised the Son of the Living God. God of the details.

In the book of Genesis there is a story of Abraham’s servant. Abraham has begged his servant to not let his beloved son Isaac marry a woman from the area. Abraham feels so strongly about this that he has his servant swear by the “Lord, the God of Heaven and of Earth”.  He asks his servant to go back to his people and his country to find a wife.

So.as a servant who loves his employer, the servant heads off. What a monumental task! A future is resting on his shoulders and a family is counting on him. The servant utters a specific prayer that basically says “If I say to a girl ‘please give me a drink’ and she says ‘here’s a drink for you and let me water your camels as well!’ then she’s the one for Isaac. He ends the prayer by saying “By this I will know that you have show kindness to my master.”

And the God of the details does just that. Exactly as the servant prayed, no more, no less.

How has God been God of the details in your life? How has he shown his kindness to you through the details? Join in through the comment section.

3 thoughts on “God of the Details

  1. I’ve had so many of these moments I forget them all!

    Once we were starting to have a home group in our house but we only had a two seater sofa. We prayed for a sofa and a couple of weeks later friends of ours offered us a brand new leather sofa (3 seater) and 2 arm chairs – free!

    Another time I really wanted to bless Thierry with a Kinect sensor for the xbox for his birthday but because we hadn’t had money and didn’t want to get into debt over it, we had been delaying getting it for months. In desperation I asked God for one, that night Thierry came home with giftcards from his work place which covered 2/3rds of the cost of it! I was blown away by the immediacy of the answer! It has been such a blessing for family times for us all too!

    there’s so many more!


  2. Yesterday was one of those days…the God of details…my husband and I are really struggling financially because of changing jobs. We had a chance to go out ALONE and decided to eat cheap and then head to Starbucks, a place reserved for special occasions at this point. We wondered why there were so many people at the Starbucks…we found out we showed up during buy one get one free holiday drinks. We were both in awe of God and His timing and since we had a gift card with $2 still on we decided to get Venti drinks. Well…due to an error by the cashier we actually got the drinks for FREE. We sat in Starbucks talking about how God is so faithful to even bless us with things that are far beyond even the necessary!


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