Reclaiming My Voice

In a commencement address at the University of Virginia a couple of years ago, John Grisham cautioned graduates that the most difficult thing for an author is not the plot, not the characters, not even the dialogue – the hardest thing for an author, he said, is deciding what voice to use in the writing process. He went on to say that the job of a graduate is to find their voice in life. I have thought a lot about this since hearing a brief excerpt of the speech.

I am no John Grisham (and I don’t want to be) but lately I have struggled to find my voice in writing. I began the journey of daily blogging with confidence, determined to find a niche and have a voice. I now sit blankly and the words “I’ve got nothing!” clang like cymbals in my ears. I then over analyze and begin to worry about what people think of my writing and my voice echoes the thoughts of others and not my own. So – I’m taking a break until Monday. I’m not going to look at stats or worry about comments. I am going to relax and reclaim a love of communicating through writing. This week is a great time to do this – I’m in Seattle for a consulting job so will not have much time.  I’ll repost some blog posts that I have done in the past that have not had many views. In giving myself and readers some space, I hope to rejuvenate both! Thanks for tuning into this blog! I appreciate it more than you know.

10 thoughts on “Reclaiming My Voice

  1. I look forward to every post too, even if I don’t often comment. I’m full of respect for your ability to write on such a varied range of issues, and realise it would take me hours (as Nancy said) of checking and re-reading before I would dare to post it!! You make us think and examine our beliefs and behaviour. Well done …. have a wee rest and then continue.


  2. I don’t follow many blogs. Counting yours I actively follow two, and the other one is by a young friend in college who doesn’t post regularly. Blogs I’ve tried to follow in the past I’ve found to be too wordy, even from friends with subjects I’m interested in. (I don’t like long sermons either.)

    Your blog is concise and to the point. You say what is needed to be said and you stop, and I for one appreciate that very much. I’ve learned something from every post you’ve made.

    Take a break, but please don’t stop.


  3. I echo the sentiment — I may not read all your blogs, but I enjoy each I read. Some blogs make me laugh, some make me analyze my beliefs/values, some touch me personally. Most important, one way or the other I can relate. It is a wonderful experience.
    Keep blogging,


  4. I returned to a writing project I had been working on in the spring just the other day. It was hard work slogging through it again. After rereading it I was so distressed. It wasn’t any good…bits of it were… but really it wasn’t very good at all. I was so depressed. I think I’m meant to write. I think it’s what I’m to be about in part…. but it’s work. I like the idea of being a writer more than I actually like writing.
    You’ve been generating for awhile now… it’s work. Composing words into sentences, harmonizing paragraphs, blending metaphor with sincere meaning… it takes its toll. You’ve done well. You’ve written worthy stuff. It’s good to take a break. Make it longer if you need to. Rest up. Be renewed.


  5. I may not post every time but I do read! I love your bog Marilyn and the way you express yourself. You always give us things to think about but are never judgmental. Be blessed as you take a break.


  6. Marilyn….. as I mentioned a few weeks I ago, I marvel at how you come up with ideas and a creative post every day before you head off to work – it would take me hours of writing, rewriting, correcting, perfecting etc. to write up one blog and the variety of subjects you cover is wonderful. I don’t worry about reading the NY Post or the Wall street journal, I just tune into your blog every day to let me know what is going on around the world…. besides I trust your perspective much more that the liberal media!! Thanks for keeping me informand AND entertained…. even if RA did get married at 3:30 and not 2pm!!!


  7. Thank you, Marilyn, for your dedication to thoughtful, creative writing! I look forward to every post. I hope you enjoy your break!


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