“Capsules of Hope”

Maybe we can extract a lesson, or a little encouragement. At the very least, we can remind ourselves — at a time when our own politicians are competing to be the most ardent champion of “American exceptionalism” — that we are not God’s only gift to civilization. – Bill Keller, NY Times, October 16

How many people turn on their televisions to the news of the day, only to see a perky, made-up, hi-lighted woman tell some horrific story in a conspiratorial voice that makes us cringe? Or we open our email to headlines of tensions between countries and governments, and then move into the day fully aware of the plights of friends of ours who are struggling with job loss and economic insecurity or the illness of a son or daughter that is taking them on a path never imagined. The amazing thing is that in the midst of this, there are “capsules of hope”.

An op-ed in the NY Times called “Good News! No, Really!” brought attention to places world-wide that can offer us hope. It was a refreshing read in the midst of dire headlines. He likened these to “capsules of hope” and brought them to the attention of readers because “the dominant news is so disheartening you can’t bear to proceed beyond the front page“.

A few of the places that the author mentions are Liberia, where free and fair elections are present and respected after 25 years of corruption and horror, and Somalia, where people packed a soccer stadium to denounce the Shabaab who have been the face of terror in Somalia for years.

I have linked the article below so you can take a look, but for me it was a good reminder that capsules of hope are all around. That an invisible God is visibly working, at the governmental and personal level, in a world that is desperate for hope.

So today – what are your capsules of hope? Would love to hear about them in the comment section. 

11 thoughts on ““Capsules of Hope”

  1. My capsules of hope are being asked out to lunch by two boys who I thought were jerks, reading the Bible and knowing God will reveal his plan all in good time, hearing a song and knowing it will always put a smile on my face, and eating healthy foods.

    These are very random capsules of hope, but they are what I have seen in my own life today. I have seen hope come from different places than usual and I know God surprises us with capsules of hope every single day. We just have to look for them.


  2. I find hope for justice when I hear of slaves set free, trafficked women, girls, and boys rescued, and the perpetrators convicted. I’m inspired by the organizations that make this their mission and the individuals who risk their lives for these powerless ones.


    1. Amen to that! That is an area I would love to get more involved in. If you know of any local organizations I would love the contacts. Thanks for the capsules!


      1. Kirsten has a friend who is starting a ministry of after-care for trafficked girls and women here in Boston. I’ll get some info and send it to you.


  3. I guess I’m the first one! At 83+ years, I have seen more sickness, sadness and yes, hopelessness than I like to remember. But through it all, there have many more moments of joy, satisfaction, and hilarity, too. At this age, my “capsules of hope” are our five amazing children and their spouses, each out there working in their own corners of the world to make it a better place. I doubt if there will be any Nobel winners among them, although they all deserve it. But that’s a mama’s pride. And then there are our equally amazing grandchildren with their dreams and hopes, not of getting rich, but of doing the same in some corner of the world. I see three great-grandchildren with so much potential and hope for good. God is still in the business of using flawed human beings to do His work in this broken world. That’s where my hope lies. Thanks Marilyn, for a lift on this Monday morning.


    1. I love your enduring reply. I too see hope in the next generation. I also see hope when everyday people reach out to one another to make this world a brighter and happier place. Unfortunately, the news does not capture the wonderful and inspirational moments of families, friends, neighbors, coworkers and more.
      I am always reminded of “the mustardseed” in the bible.


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