The Ugly Face of Jealousy

Jealousy has a way of showing its ugly face in the most inopportune times. Often I am blithely living life in a most confident way and wham bam! The face of jealousy comes on me like an earthquake, or a tsunami, or a slap from a good friend. It doesn’t respect time or place and I feel my face growing hot with the inner questions “Why her? Why not me? Why them? How come I didn’t get that? Why do people think she’s a good speaker? mother? blogger?” And all this on a Saturday morning….or a Monday morning…or whatever morning the ugly face chooses to show itself.

It’s insidious, it’s ugly, and it’s real. It takes over my face and with my face, my identity, and with my identity – my life! And I realize that if my identity rests in who I am versus Whose I am, then it’s a losing battle. Who I am changes with life seasons and jobs – Whose I am will never change.

What about you? Is jealousy an emotion that comes and rocks your world, throwing you off-balance? How do you handle it?

3 thoughts on “The Ugly Face of Jealousy

  1. As the French say, is the pope Catholic? Just when I think I’ve got it licked, it pops its head round the corner and blows a raspberry. Thank you Lord for beautiful mercy and grace! I think perhaps the most wonderful thing is that with experience we can recognize it earlier and earlier and cut it off at the pass. Perhaps its the thorn in our side that keeps us humble, keeps us coming to the cross and recognizing that its not about us but about God and that everything we have is from him in the first place, that he is our comforter, he plants our hearts desires in us and then gives us those desires.


  2. By keeping it simple! I embrace the gifts and talents God generously bestows on me, and I am thanksful for the gifts and talents he bestows on family and friends. God knows best; thus what we wish and what he grants might differ.
    Have a lovely weekend,


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