The Author of Life & Love

Today at 3:30pm we will witness the solemn vows of my niece Ruth Anne Brown as she marries Andrew Burke in a beautiful Episcopal church in South Hadley, Massachusetts.

Before Ruth Anne was 18 months old she could form full sentences. Ruth Anne had blonde curls and deep blue eyes with enviable lashes. She made stoic men stop and pat her head when she was little, she drew you to her heart.

The 18 month old with the curls is now gone and in her place is a lovely and brilliant woman. She graduated from St. Johns in Annapolis, known for its love of books and brilliant students (who also love books). Ruth Anne will be marrying Andrew Burke and we will first witness the solemnity and then move on to the party.

Marrying into this large, opinionated, wonderful, extended family is not always easy and Andrew, like others who have come before, is brave! They both come to this place, not because it’s easy, but out of love and commitment.

As she walks down a stone aisle, to vows that, based on our human condition, are not easily kept, I will yet again be in awe of life, love, and the Author of both.

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