Sorry Folks! Red-Headed Designer Babies Are Off the Menu!

It seems that if you’re male and you pop down to your local sperm bank and are unfortunate enough to have red hair, you are out of luck (even if your IQ is over 140). Potential parents don’t want redheads. Just like a restaurant does away with what isn’t selling well, be it blue cheese & walnut Quiche or club sandwiches, in the menu of choices the redhead option will be gone. They still want blondes with high IQ’s and blue eyes, they still want brunettes with brown eyes, but redheads – their time is over. The world’s largest sperm bank, located in Denmark and servicing 65 different countries, is refusing redheads and Scandinavians. Redheads because no one wants them, Scandinavians because all those Scandinavian men have been busy and they have a “glut”!

The director of the sperm bank, Ole Schou, says this: “I do not think you choose a redhead, unless the partner – for example, the sterile male – has red hair, or because the lone woman has a preference for redheads,” he said, the Telegraph reported. “And that’s perhaps not so many, especially in the latter case.” (Gawker, September 19, 2011)

Other sperm banks back off the accusation of being “against” redheads. One of the first sperm banks in the U.S., in Michigan, says they still have some demand. Their chief executive officer says this: “When parents are seeking sperm, they often prefer donors who are athletically or musically inclined, and they prefer donors who are educated. Sometimes they even want a specific blood type.”

Designer babies – pick the prototype, be it tall (who really wants a short kid, right?) medium, brown-eyed, blue-eyed, brunette, blonde, good at singing, good at sports, you can have it all and pick the delivery date.

The only problem is, the minute that child is born, you’ll learn that your designer baby is not perfect. You may be able to pick skin, eye, and hair color – but you can’t pick if they’ll have colic and scream all night for 6 months. You can’t pick a baby that will turn into a two-year old that doesn’t yell “Mine” and make you decide you will never go into a toy store again, and you can’t pick whether they’ll make you sad or not. The control is limited to sperm bank and delivery date alone, after that, it’s anyone’s guess.

Realistically, if I am fair, the sperm bank is a business and has to market according to the needs of its customers. So, if redheaded babies are going slow, one can’t blame them for making a business decision that may seem biased.

And there-in is the heart of the problem, be it a baby with red hair or a baby with down syndrome. Babies have become a big business, and when a human being becomes only a business opportunity there is a problem. As far as businesses go, there are those who conduct the business with integrity and ethics, and those who don’t. From sperm banks with their menu of choices to adoption agencies with their exorbitant fees and sometimes questionable methods of obtaining babies, there are those for whom this is nothing more, nor less than a dollar decision – supply and demand, and the “bottom line”. For couples who desperately want children, it’s about a baby, dependent on another for all aspects of life and totally unable to care for itself, the most vulnerable of the vulnerable. For God, it’s about a tiny being made in His image.  And I have to ask myself, how far will this go? When will babies cease being about a business, and become babies again?

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10 thoughts on “Sorry Folks! Red-Headed Designer Babies Are Off the Menu!

  1. My mom always said, “Beggars can’t be choosers”…if I have to, for some reason, seek a sperm bank to have a child, I personally wouldn’t care what their hair color was….And when I have a child of my own, I will take them no matter how they look. I only wish to have a healthy baby.
    My mom had me at the age of 40 at a time when they discouraged women to have babies at that age…they asked her if she wanted to go through with it because there was a chance I could have problems and she said yes, she didn’t care, she would love me regardless. I am grateful for that and I ended up being born just fine. Had my mom been one of the types that was worried about having a baby that wasn’t perfect, I might not be here today.


    1. Exactly – oh sweet irony. There is a quote in a movie “Nasty little people like you will get their come uppance” and in this case I feel like someday, somehow we will get our come uppance in playing God.


  2. I am not a supporter of sperm banks and as of yet have not heard one case where I could honestly say that I could ideologically and ethically support such a decision. On the other hand, I do support adoptions as long as it is done in a moral and ethical context. Too many children are already alive who desperately need a loving family.


  3. I think the big distinguishing thing is going to a sperm bank because you legitimately cannot have a child and/or do not have a partner to provide the sperm (even this last point is flawed because God intended childbirth within a heterosexual marriage) OR going to a sperm bank to pick out the DNA of your child. This freaks me out, and is dangerous. It shows that worldwide we are deciding that there are wanted characteristics and unwanted ones. It is disappointing to me that people consider this normal…HELLO!!!!! THIS IS NOT NORMAL! The repercussions are far worse for the children that come from sperm donors; many are left wondering for the rest of their lives who their “daddy” is. Well, sperm donor babies, I have news for you: He doesn’t care. He donated to make a buck. It’s awful to know that now their are even RESTRICTIONS. We’ve already gone to a bad place with the whole sperm bank thing, but we’ve gone even worse with the whole “we will not take redheads” thing.

    And, in my opinion, redheads rule the world!!!


  4. What a shame for the world. We have three delightful and loving red-headed grandchildren. There is something quite unique about them, and they wear their hair as badges of honor. Wouldn’t change anything about them – especially their hair color (although the girl may make that decision sometime in her future).

    Seriously, though, the whole designer baby thing is what bothers me. You go in deciding on a tall dark haired-blue eyed Lithuanian – but there is no guarantee every one of the child’s recessive (or alternate) genes might kick in. What then? Do you not love the child because they are short and blond with brown eyes?



    1. You nailed it. Even the name….puts the baby into the “jean” and “handbag” category. Seriously disturbing. Funny, I’ve always considered redheads to have such a unique beauty…..


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