Pakistan Flood – Looking Back

Just one year ago a flood devastated much of Pakistan, sending the country into crisis. It’s time to look back and remember as well as continue to understand the current needs and situation in the country.

Aid agencies continue to voice concern about the relief efforts and the rebuilding that continues to take place. With this years monsoon season beginning, there is no infrastructure in place that can handle further flooding and devastation.

Looking back, last year’s floods affected approximately 20 million people and killed over 1700. In any country, these floods would have created a crisis and a challenge, but in a country that already had multiple needs, they created a humanitarian crisis of epic proportions. And now, one year later, there are still hundreds of thousands without adequate shelter, food, and work.

Oxfam produced a report “Ready or Not: Pakistan’s resilience to disasters one year on from the floods” that details the need and warns that the country is not prepared for another disaster. They urge the international community to come together in aiding Pakistan and ensuring that some of the aid go to developing measures that decrease the impact of disasters. The most urgent needs are developing flood resistant housing and “early warning systems” at the local level.

I have attached links to several excellent articles as well as a slide show below. The photographs were taken in October of 2010 when I, along with my sister-in-law, participated in medical flood relief. They remind me of the need to be aware of the situation and communicate the need to those who can help.

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