Through Katie’s Eyes

Just when I was viewing the world around me through a lens of discontent, my daughter’s friend Katie  surprised her with a visit and I had the opportunity to see my city through new eyes.

Her visit had been planned for weeks with only I in the know. Katie would fly into Boston in the morning, I would pick her up and take her back to our condo surprising Stefanie in the middle of her day.

The wonder in Katie’s eyes was contagious from the moment I picked her up at Logan International Airport. At 19, she had not traveled by plane since she was seven and she told me her father had walked her right up to security, to her dismay gave her a whistle and tried to hand her pepper spray. She was mortified.

Driving on the Massachusetts Turnpike toward Cambridge  her eyes were wide open as she took in all her surroundings. As we drove I pointed out Fenway and House of Blues on the left and a bit further on, the Charles River separating Cambridge from Boston on the right.  As I drove over the River Street bridge connecting the two cities I pointed out that Harvard University was to the left, MIT to the right, and we were in the middle. Everything seemed attractive and different, all the familiar sights were brand new and full of promise for Katie. Old houses that I gave only a passing glance were charming, narrow streets that can barely fit two cars, delightful.

It’s a Monday morning and Katie is long gone. I dare not look at the weather forecast for in my state of mind it may get ugly. I’m trying to see through Katie’s eyes once again as I wake up to more rain and a far colder than seasonal temperatures. It’s times like these that I miss my warmth and palm trees more than feels bearable. But re-winding to last week and Katie’s visit, I remember that while I see rain and ugly, Katie sees refreshing and charming. Through her eyes  my vision changes and my eyesight heals. Like putting on clean contact lenses or getting a new prescription for eyeglasses. I can see clearly once again.

2 thoughts on “Through Katie’s Eyes

  1. Exactly! It’ kind of like Blind Bartameus in the Biblical account! “this thing I know, I was blind but now I see!” thanks so much for your insightful comments.


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