Stale Bread;Fresh Press

The comment said it all: “Loved your post and of course you made Freshly Pressed which gives you almost God like status in blog world!Keep it up…”  It was from a complete stranger who blogs at and has a talent for beautiful abstract art. That short comment summed up the affirmation of yesterdays status of Freshly Pressed.

The bread in my house may be stale, my coffee table a clutter, I am behind on a major project at work but here I sit making sure I check in with my daily post in this new blog world of mine and enjoy my 15 minutes of being in this ‘almost God like status’ in my world of blogging.

As those who know me well are fully aware – this new world, opened up to me at this stage of my life, has been a great mixture of discipline, affirmation, and humility all wrapped up in a package that says “I blog”.

So this is short and sweet as it really does matter that I am behind in other things in life. But I look forward to continuing to post and, though I know most of those who read yesterday may not be back, there are others of you that keep on coming and commenting and you have no clue how much I love that!

9 thoughts on “Stale Bread;Fresh Press

    1. Thank you so much for this affirmation! As far as the Mr. Darcy era – YES! LOVE. I have a niece getting married in October and planning a Jane Austen type of shower for her as she is a literary queen! Thanks more than you know for reading.


  1. Found you on Twitter so of course I’ll expect the follow back, keep the good stuff coming, easy to read, there’s a happiness about you despite all the things you haven’t done!


  2. Marilyn, you are amazingly gifted and insightful and fun. There’s not much I look forward to more than your blog entries. They have connected me to the life we never were able to share. You are quite the gift!


    1. Leslianne – I will hold these words in my heart for a long time. I am so grateful for you reading and taking in and digesting and commenting.


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