Waking up at my Favorite B&B

It’s a Saturday morning and I woke up to the sound of my sister-in-law’s voice: I’m at my favorite Bed & Breakfast and there is peace, light, laughter and great coffee. It has no name other than “Dan & Carol’s”. It is the home of my brother and sister-in-law, Carol and it is a destination extraordinaire.

While B & B’s that cost hundreds of dollars a night with their plump pillows, down comforters, and soft 800 count Egyptian cotton sheets are amazing – this home in South Hadley has more. Through the years this home has been there for my family and I for spontaneous visits and holidays; for parties and times of joy; and for times where tears fell from the deepest places always followed by laughter from the heart.

It will not be here forever. Dan & Carol are looking at a move overseas and this B & B that holds so many memories will not be as ever available as it has felt in the past.

So I get up earlier than usual, determined to soak in as much as possible and savor every minute of an ancient dog, silent cat, and the love and presence of a unique couple.

3 thoughts on “Waking up at my Favorite B&B

  1. Somehow I missed this blog. What a sweet tribute to Carol and Dan, two very wonderful people who will continue, wherever they go, to open their hearts and home to fellow pilgrims. We love the whole Brown clan!


  2. I have tears in my eyes of thankfulness for Dan and Carol’s amazing gifts and their exercise of hospitality. Even more though, it’s impossible to express the joy it gives to your Mom and Dad that our adult children (all ten of you!) love and enjoy each other so much.


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