Goodbye Chin – Hello Gravity!

If the mirror didn’t tell me, the picture did – I need to say goodbye to my chin as I knew it.  Oh I still have one, actually several, and therein is the problem. Gravity and age are winning the fight they have fought and won through the ages. It’s funny, I don’t look at younger women and long for their legs, or hair – I want their chins. They are so firm, so wrinkle free, so young!

Years ago when I still had no idea what it was like to not have a chin I saw a movie with Goldie Hawn as the star. The only thing I remember about that movie is the part of the mother-in-law sitting on a silk comforter, eyes covered by cream and flapping a fan of sorts against the bottom of her chin.  I didn’t get it at the time but now? Now I try to grab whatever I can when no one is looking and pat the bottom of my chin upward, hoping with a strange sort of hope that this action will prevent the inevitable.

As I wistfully ponder pictures and memories when I had a chin I see my life in a succession of events. There was the scowl on my face in the picture when I was 3 and had a chubby little chin. Then 10, where wanting to be like some Pakistani teenage girls who I admired, I attached fake braids to my shorter, less thick locks and my chin is held high, unaware of the awkwardness of my stage of life and thoroughly convinced of my beauty. 15 and 16 saw me as a teen with a defiant chin – quite defiant at times with photos from the past sometimes showing the defiance and sometimes disguising it behind a sweet smile.

At my wedding my chin and eyes are raised toward my ‘husband to be’ as I “thereto pledged him my troth” saying vows that my 24-year-old self could not keep on her own. A picture of a birthing room and there I am with my first-born, my chin touching her soft head in a moment of pure joy – subsequent babies and more moments of joy through the years show slow aging but youth still shining out of that chin.

And now I am saying goodbye to that chin and hello to a new one. A chin that doubles when I laugh and sags a wee bit (or more) in my profile. But even as I say goodbye to the chin, I am saying hello to an upcoming wedding of my son and the love of his life. (They have young and remarkably beautiful chins). I no longer face insecurity with a career, instead being fully established in a job that allows me to use creative gifts that I didn’t  know I had when I had that young chin. I have a husband who loves my chin and sister-in-laws and friends with whom I can laugh about lost chins, the aging process, and lots of other lost and sagging things.

And as I say goodbye to the former chin, I know in the depths of my heart that though “outwardly my body may be wasting away, (decaying, aging, losing a chin) inwardly I am being renewed day by day.” (2 Corinthians 4:16 – paraphrased) and I can only imagine how amazing a heavenly chin will look.

9 thoughts on “Goodbye Chin – Hello Gravity!

  1. Oh, dear Marilyn, I just loved your reflections of your (lost) chin. I’ve never thought of the aging process in relation to a chin. I must go and look at mine! Thank you Lord for a gift of humour.
    Enjoy the wedding.
    Bless you,


  2. I love it! I am grieving the gaining of wrinkles, the gaining of love handles and grey hair. For some reason, I expected to stay in a 20 year old body all my life. Such a shock to find that my body marches on without my say so.


  3. You do know, of course, the next step is the “organ recital”: — My heart, my liver, my gall bladder, my spleen . . . We have so much to look forward to! (It’s really bad when you start to drool at “Lifestyle Lift” commercials!)


  4. Oh thou of many chins, don’t be encouraged. Remember that phrase from Auntie Rosie? Your mom advertised your blog some time ago to the Pakistan Reunion list, and am I glad she did! You have inherited the poetic expertise from your father, the poet laureate of MCS, the honorable Rt. Rev. Bishop Ralph Brown AND the ability to speak to your readers where it itches from your mother. Thank you so much for keeping at a job that could fold so easily.
    –did you or your brothers ever attend Kids Kamp during winter holidays? I know it was hard for you Sindhis to make the trip up to Taxila for it.


    1. This comment made my day. You were always able to make me laugh. I remember you as being quick and sophisticated at wit and humor and it seems you have even gotten better with age…like a fine wine.(oops, grape juice!!) We never got to Kids Kamp…always wanted to. One year our parents told us that if we memorized scripture we could go. I promptly memorized a genealogy. Then something political happened and we couldn’t make it. It seemed like such a high light of vacation for kids who could go.
      Thanks so much for reading. But even more for commenting! Please please continue to do so.


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