Tomorrow they’ll rebuild, but tonight they’re going to party!

February 11th, 2011

4 hours ago Mubarak resigned and there is a gigantic party going on at Tahrir Square – Tonight we rejoice with Egypt and celebrate a true revolution and change without war! I am green with envy that my daughter is celebrating right in the middle of history.  A momentous occasion to be there!

“Tomorrow they’ll rebuild, but tonight they’re going to party!” – Annie Gardner

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6 thoughts on “Tomorrow they’ll rebuild, but tonight they’re going to party!

  1. Such change without war!!! What a momentous day!!! A piece of my heart is in Cairo . . . I am awed that this remarkable, peaceful uprising (it seems clear that violence was perpetrated only by what our friends call “paid thugs” and not by the people of Egypt themselves), has moved a country — a country! — from one place to another. May the people of Egypt help all of us realize anew that each one of us is important and that each one of us has a voice that can be heard. I am humbled by them. May the world be with them. May angels surround them and rejoice in their courage and commitment. May we not forget those whose lives were given to reach this day. There will be challenges and more difficult days ahead, to be sure. May we each in our own ways, though prayer and whatever ways we support others, lend power to the people of Egypt. They deserve our support, our faith and our caring!


    1. So amazing and wonderful! I am in awe and amazement at the peace of this revolution and the Grace of God in all of this. Thanks so much for listening to me through all this!


  2. What a wonderful change from the feeling of last night!
    I’m so happy for Annie that she is there on the front line of history (sorry you can’t be there, Marilyn, except vicariously). And thankful that the changes are coming without massive bloodshed and violence. We’ll keep watching and praying as the hard work of transitioning to democracy proceeds. Thanks for your great posts, such a help in keeping us informed.


  3. Thanks for reading and commenting Pari! It’s true – there will be challenges ahead – which makes tonight all the sweeter to be able to remember as they go through the hard work. With not one Egyptian living who has seen a real election, this is an exciting moment. As one of our friends in Cairo said “Democracy is not a government, it is a state of mind” and it will take some time moving into that state of mind. Thanks again!


  4. Getting rid of Mubarak was only the first step, the real challenge will be choosing the right kind of leadership. I hope that they choose the right leader who will bring positive change and an economic revival and build a better tomorrow.


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