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I’m new at blogging and am encouraged that people are actually reading the blog!  So for readers here’s what to expect from this novice –

  • I’ll be blogging every week day compiling reader responses into one blog post on some Saturdays.
  • Occasionally there will be a series because of my passion for a topic.  I’ll always link these together so when you decide to take a look you’ll be able to read the complete series.
  • I have realized how much bloggers want comments and feedback in the short time I’ve been at this – so thanks to those of you who have commented, those who haven’t please feel free to give your take and your ideas.  It gives me and other readers more to think about and lets me know where readers opinions and thoughts lie.
  • My posts will rarely be more than 500 words long to make them easily scanned.  The Pakistan Series was a different story – so much to communicate, and so much more I’d like to communicate.  Other  posts are, and will  be, shorter.
  • I welcome guest authors, so if you like to write, have cross-cultural experiences and communication stories or other thoughts you want to share but don’t want your own blog – have at it!   I want  your stories and will make sure they get on the blog. Make sure you include a brief bio with the piece and send to
  • Upcoming topics to look for:  Refugees, Invisible and Visible Immigrants, , more on Pakistan, Egypt, healthcare, Cross-cultural adjustment in all its various forms and more!
  • Remember if you subscribe – you can choose the way to receive these in your inbox – instantly, daily or weekly.

So thanks for reading – if you think there’s material on here that is worth sharing I’m honored!

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