The “Language of Dialogue”

In June of 2007 I heard an NPR program on the Israeli/Palestinian conflict.  There have been many such shows and having a great love for the Middle East and desire for justice, I have an interest in this issue and opinions that are expressed regarding the conflict .  The only thing I remember about this particular program was this phrase urging leaders to “stop fighting and begin the language of dialogue!”

What a great phrase – if I had heard this phrase when I still had all my kids at home I would have used it all the time!  Imagine walking in to a fight between my kids over legos or who ate the last pickled okra and saying in a loud voice:


Joking aside, if this could be a mantra of most of life and politics there would be much more accomplished. To describe dialogue as a language makes sense.  Language learning is difficult and takes time, mistakes are made, idioms are learned and proficiency becomes possible if I keep at it.  I imagine beginning a conversation with “Pardon me, do you speak dialogue?” and if they don’t walking away.

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