Yes – I blog

A trip to Pakistan in October sparked my desire to write.  While writing has always been fun for me and I have learned how to write “killer” letters to school systems through the years, I have never placed serious attention on the art of writing.  This changed during my travels primarily because I wanted to communicate much of what I was feeling and experiencing.   This blog is my attempt at learning more about communicating through the written word.

A Rabbi in an essay on writing in Ode Magazine  said this:

Don’t write what you know. You can’t write what you don’t know. You have to write!

and so in response to the question “Do you blog?” I can now answer honestly “Yes – I blog!”

4 thoughts on “Yes – I blog

  1. I’d have a web site if I put it up. It has been under construction for 5 years — or more, but I digress.

    Am loving your blog, Marilyn — but some day would you please say more about why you named it communicating.across.boundaries?

    Inquiring cousins want to know!


    1. What a great question! I had initially done an entry on the Contact page but I feel I’m still fleshing this out and need to better articulate the Why of the title. I think so much of my life has been and continues to be learning about how to communicate across the barriers/boundaries that confront me, be they geographical, cultural, spiritual, personality…the list goes on. So this is the next step in that journey. Does that make sense? As I’ve flushed it out with you just now I think I will change some things on the Home page so stay tuned! Also if you would think about being a contributing author, I’d be honored.


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